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By sharing with us, one positive brand experience you’ve recently had, you're helping us to identify genuine so-called ethical brands and helping the world make better choices, as well as gaining access to a global community of like-minded people who want the ability to effortlessly avoid brands that are not aligned with the needs, interests, and concerns of humanity.

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Consider all of the financial transactions you have engaged in during the past 12 months. Every purchase you made, where you shopped, worked, played, rested or invested time or money. From online to main street and off the beaten track. Is there one name you associate with the term ethical brand? If so, simply enter that name below to be eligible for official eb™ Spotter membership right now.

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Howit works

The right to display the eb™ logo validates any organisation's social license to operate. We produce a rating for every nominated organisation, based on evidence of their commitment to the same interests, needs and concerns as humanity: from quality and value for money to environmental, social and economic impact. Those achieving the required threshold score are awarded eb™ Certification.

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Nominate an eb™

Enter the name of an organisation that you believe to be an ethical brand. We do the research and join the dots to produce an eb™ Rating, a measure of its ethical credentials.

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eb™ Certified

Qualifying nominees are awarded eb™ Certification free of charge. No strings. No catch. They have only one obligation: to maintain, if not improve their eb™ Rating.

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eb™ World*

Submit a viable nomination and you'll be granted an exclusive opportunity to join our community, to represent the voice of humanity and influence our certification decisions.